Facial Enhancement
What is it?


Facial Enhancement Acupuncture is often regarded as the safer alternative to cosmetic treatments such as Botox and fillers.  It has significantly increased in popularity over the last few years and though it therefore appears to be a recent advent, in terms of Chinese history, it actually dates back as far as the Song Dynasty of  960AD - 1279AD.  Several well-known actresses/actors, such as Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Sean Connery, among others, are reported to use it.


It is a treatment aimed at leaving you looking more radiant and vibrant with a reduction in fine lines and better muscle tone.



What happens at a treatment?


The protocol I practise is that as taught by Paul Adkins of Facial Enhance which involves treatment to acupuncture points on the head, face, lower-legs/feet and hands using very fine, single-use, sterile needles.  (Those on the legs/hands etc. are needed to balance the treatment).  In addition, extremely small, single-use, sterile intra-dermal needles are used on the areas of lines and wrinkles.  The treatment is carried out on a make-up free face and takes approximately 90 minutes. 


How many treatments are needed?


A course of ten treatments is recommended.  After four treatments, where two are taken weekly there should be a noticeable difference in appearance.  Another six treatments at weekly intervals are believed to then firmly establish those changes.  After this time, periodic treatments at monthly or six-weekly intervals may be desired to maintain the appearance. Results will obviously vary from person to person because of differences in age, amount of sun damage, whether a person smokes and other life style factors etc.


People sometimes like to book in for a series of treatments leading up to a
big occasion.


Who can’t have treatment?


People who are pregnant or breast-feeding or have: a pituitary disorder, chronic migraines, high blood-pressure, diabetes, cancer, a pace-maker fitted, a heart disorder, problems related to excessive bruising or bleeding, a cold or flu, a current allergic reaction or who have had facial cosmetic procedures within the last three months.


There may also be other reasons why this treatment is not advisable depending on the unique details of the individual.  The face is very much a barometer of what is presently going on inside us and also reflects what has gone on in our lives.  It may be that a treatment more specifically focused on health and well-being issues would be more appropriate before or instead of having Facial Enhancement Acupuncture.


A final word …


“Studies published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture in 1996 showed that: “…of 300 people who received Facial Acupuncture, 90% demonstrated marked results after only their first treatment.”[1]


[1] In Adkins, P. (2014) Cosmetic Acupuncuture.  Available from  http://facialenhance.co.uk/treatment/cosmetic-acupuncture {accessed July 3rd, 2014}