What happens
at a treatment?

I use questioning, careful observation and palpation to determine a person’s imbalances and then create an individual treatment plan using selected acupuncture points and techniques to address those imbalances.




- At the first consultation, a full medical history is taken to gain an overall picture of a person’s physical, mental and emotional state.  Information about lifestyle, diet and how illness may be affecting the quality of life is also taken.




- Everything from posture, how a person moves, to their voice, eyes, nails and complexion is considered and may be noted.


- Tongue diagnosis:  the colour, coating, shape, size, moisture and movement of the tongue are all examined as this gives an assessment of the body’s internal health.




- The pulses are felt on both wrists and an assessment of up to 28 different pulse qualities is carried out.  The strength, depth, rhythm and rate of the pulses are all given consideration in order to help identify any imbalance and disharmony.




- Relevant areas of the body may be gently palpated or examined in order to determine any muscular tension and/or assess painful areas.


From this information a treatment plan will be formulated and a
treatment given which in addition to needling, may include additional Chinese Medicine techniques.

Techniques Used:



Ultra-fine, sterile, single-use needles are inserted and may be left in for a while or quickly removed depending on the outcome desired.



Moxa is made from a dried plant: Mugwort (also known as Artemisa) and has a particular energetic quality when burned which assists in the movement of qi.  It is particularly good for warming and increasing circulation, which then has a nourishing effect.  It may be used directly on the skin in the form of very small cones or indirectly by placing the cone on the end of a needle or by wafting a moxa stick over a particular area of the body.



Cupping is used to move Blood and Qi where stagnation has occurred or to encourage the drawing out of toxins.  It has many uses and may be used to help with the treatment of painful, stiff areas or to clear congestion of some sort.



This involves using a scraping tool over an area of the body in order to move Qi and Blood.  It improves the circulation of the area and encourages the expulsion of toxins. 



Chinese massage (Tuina) techniques can be used to increase the effectiveness of a treatment. 


Auricular Acupuncture: 
The ear is regarded as a micro-map of the body with specific points relating to specific body areas/functions.  During treatment, ear points may be used along with other body points or may be used exclusively, where appropriate.